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I am a graduate from the College of Engineering and Computer science at Wright State University in Dayton ,OH. I work as a Web Administrator for the college of Nursing and Health at Wright state University. I have my undergraduate degree from R.V.R &J.C college of engineering in India. My favorite pastime is hanging out with my friends. I love web surfing and emailing . I am a Veggie, I donít eat any meat!
 How did I end up with a
web address like ? well, cause I am a computer nut and well cause I am into the Business of Web hosting What can you do at my website? Huh? You can look at my Gallery, my friends and family. You can view my Guest Book You can visit some of my favorite web sites and even Sign my guest book! .well surf around and donít forget to send me a mail

These are some of the clubs that I belong to:

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